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    The developed agriculture and animal husbandry in Afyonkarahisar were among the determining factors of the city's food culture, traditional cuisine and local delicacies. The most frequently used are products, grown in the region, and meat and dairy products of Afyonkarahisar. With its rich cuisine, Afyon has been included in the UNESCO "Creative Cities Network" in the field of gastronomy in 2019.

    Also, with its difference and reputation; Afyon Kaymağı (Cream), Afyon Kaymaklı Ekmek Kadayıfı (sweet pastry with cream and syrup), Afyon Bacon, Afyon Sausage, Afyonkarahisar Potato Bread (Afyonkarahisar patatesli ekmek), cherry from the Çay District, and Şuhut Keşkeği (keshkek), are among the geographically marked Proprietary Products.

    Besides these flavours, of which one can never have enough, mercimekli bükme, the eggplant, which is used in more than 20 dishes; ağzıaçık, haşhaşlı bükme, sakala çarpan, çullama köfte, Özbek pilavı, ekmek kadayıfı, vişneli ekmek kadayıfı, ilibada dolması and many more is offered to the visitors.


    Afyonkarahisar's cream (Afyonkarahisar kaymağı) is known by almost everyone in our country with its unique flavour. Produced from buffalo milk, cream is mostly preferred at breakfasts, in local desserts such as ekmek kadayıfı and Turkish delights.


    Poppy is a product identified with Afyonkarahisar. It is so identical that Afyon's name comes from this plant (Opium-Afyon), that grows in the region. Poppy, which is an essential ingredient of local dishes in Afyonkarahisar, is widely used especially in pastries. Delicacies such as Haşhaşlı pide, Afyon övmesi, haşhaşlı lokum, ağzı açık, mercimekli bükme, katmer, are the most popular ones.


    Sausage, which is one of the meat products consumed by the Turks since Central Asia along with pastrami and roast-dried meat, is one of the most important tastes known with Afyonkarahisar. Afyon sausage, which is obtained from the meat of the animals that are carefully grown in the region, is one of the delicious tastes that visitors of the city taste at restaurants, and those who travel necessarily experience when they take a break in Afyon. Along with sausage, other meat products are among the most preferred products by visitors.

    Afyon Kebab

    Afyon kebab, prepared with diced meat and yoghurt, is one of the tastes that visitors of the city should definitely try. Afyon Kebab, served on pita that is unique to Afyonkarahisar, is obtained by cooking beef slowly in its own juice and oil, without using any additives.

    Village Bread with Potatoes

    One of the patented products of Afyon, the village bread with potatoes (patatesli köy ekmeği), is one of Afyon's local delicacies. Village bread with potatoes, which multiplies its flavour with its sourdough, can remain stale for a long time. With this feature, it is among the products that those who visit Afyon buy for their loved ones. No additives are used in the making of the bread, which requires special methods and a true mastery at every stage of its production.

    Mineral Water

    Afyonkarahisar is a city famous for its mineral waters obtained from rich underground resources. Many facilities operate in Afyonkarahisar, which is known as the capital of mineral water, in terms of reserves.

    Cherry and Sour Cherry

    Fruit growing is highly developed in Afyonkarahisar due to the prevalence of irrigated farmlands. Sultandağı and Çay Districts and Erkmen Town are the leading regions where cherry, sour cherry and apple production is common. These products grown in Afyon contribute significantly to the economy of the district, city and country. In particular, the product called Napoleon cherry is exported to countries such as France, Germany, Holland and England.