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    Afyonkarahisar is one of the important cities that host international music events. Classical and jazz music events organized every year in the city contribute to the cultural texture of the city. Afyon International Classical Music and Jazz Festival and Dinar International Festival of Music Marsyas are located among the most important of these events, with many famous artists at national and international level, with participating many music lovers.

    İbrahim Alimoğlu Music Centre

    İbrahim Alimoğlu Music Centre, which is the biggest music museum of the country, operates under the Afyonkarahisar University State Conservatory. All the different types of instruments, radio, gramophone and turntable with a history of hundreds of years, antique works and personal items of our artists who have made significant contributions to our culture are exhibited here.

    Folk songs

    Local folk songs inspired by the cultural and historical texture of Afyonkarahisar have an important place in Turkish music culture.

    In the city of Afyonkarahisar where almost every Türkü (Turkish Ballade) has a story; Karahisar Castle, Emirdağ, Karakoyun, Yaşar, Yeşil Olur Sandıklı's Pepper and Serenler are the best-known ones.

    Yaren Nights

    Yaren Nights represent the intangible cultural heritage of Afyonkarahisar, where folk dances, common-dances and sword and shield dance shows are represented. Each of the 24 yarens, represents an Oghuz tribe.

    At these Yaren nights, where the cultural values of Afyon are kept alive, folk dances, folk songs, spectacle games, sword and shield shows are exhibited and various treats are offered to the visitors.

    Traveling Culture

    Friends, people from the same profession or people from various segments of the society, have formed various groups among themselves. They come together in turn in houses, village rooms, vineyards, gardens for purposes such as entertainment, conversation, cooperation and solidarity. This kind of organization is called "Gezek" in Turkish culture and tradition. Trips organized in almost every region of Anatolia continue to exist in Afyon. Travellers have not been random or irregular meetings; on the contrary, they have been disciplined and attractive organizations with certain rules.

    Serving “Arabian soup” and “halvah”, and having communal dinners on huge dining tables on the street during dining trips has always been a tradition. An essential tradition however is to offer a kind of pastry called "Arabian soup" on every trip – regardless of dining trip or not. The Arabian soup, which has not been seen in the travels of recent years, was swallowed without chewing. This practice is said to cleanse the digestive system. Another entertainment of the travellers is “çekme helva” This work is also among the fading colours of the old travellers. This halvah is string halva and it is a dessert similar to Izmit's famous pişmaniye (a kind of cotton candy). “çekme helva” is a job that requires special knowledge and skill.